Monday, June 29, 2015

Health Transportation Services by DDMT

The health transportation services provided by DD Med Trans are top in class and top notch with their world class hospitality and excellent services. The non emergency Medical Transport Facility provided by DD MED Trans, the chief medical transportation service provider based in Scottsdale USA, is a godsend gift to millions across the world. 

Health Transportation Services by DDMT
The world class hospitality and care provided to the patients and the various services offered are beyond commendable. The health transportation services have made life easy for so many people in the United States. 

These services include:

  • The air ambulatory services: The Air Ambulance transportation services provided by DDMT promises even shifting and transition, well equipped aircrafts and all the necessary assistance that might be needed by the clients. The rescue team is certified and well trained, aiming at saving lives and serving the society with the best they have. This time saving resolution has been helping millions, both under the domestic demarcation and the international clients.

  • The ground ambulatory services: The ground Ambulance transportation services provided by DDMT promises even and smooth transition with ICU and CCU settings. The vans are well customized and driven by well experienced drivers who are supposed to take the clients to desired places such as a doctor’s clinic or an urgent blood transfusion.

3.    The wheelchair transportation and stretcher transportation services: Now people, who otherwise found it difficult to seek medical assistance because of their inability to move on their own, can easily go for routine checkups visit their doctors to avail the much needed health care services in a more apposite and convenient manner with the help of wheelchair transportation services. People who can’t sit upright are benefited by the stretcher transport service.
So without hesitation, call us now at 866-220-3834 to help us serve you our medical transportation services.

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