Sunday, June 26, 2016

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Lets Patients Avail Healthcare Facilities!

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation warrants provision of transits to aid the recipients of the helping the patients to reach on time for their check-ups and medical appointments to the medical institutes. The transportation service is made available to the participants 24x7 and can be availed by them with just one call. The transportation service that helps the patients to reach for their appointments on time has been proved to have reduced the expenses greatly.

Non-emergency medical transportation
Non-emergency medical transportation
With the extensive network of the transportation system set up by various Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Companies ensure that this service is made available to all those who fail to have an access to proper healthcare facilities because of the inability to drive or reach their respective medical institutes on time. This service makes the beneficiaries eligible of availing free of cost or low-priced transportation service through buses, taxis, cars, ambulance vans or even aircraft if necessary.

The recipients can easily have access to this service if they have a prior appointment with the doctor and have a healthcare plan. They can schedule the one-way or round trip accordingly by contacting the organisations that offer the Non-Emergency MedicalTransportation service. The patients or the beneficiaries can also cancel their rides if their appointments get postponed or cancelled. This service also ensures the best of care, medical support and attention that is required for the proper treatment and recovery of the patient and doesn’t compromise the safety of the patients or the participants seeking to avail this facility by one call at their toll-free number like 866-220-3834.

Non emergency medical transportation
Non emergency medical transportation

The Non-Emergency Medical Transportation System is being introduced worldwide to ensure quality and timely availability of the medical facilities that is a basic right of all human beings equally. The system is well organised and amazingly administered so as to make it convenient for all the clients and recipients to make the best out of the service.

Non-Emergency Stretcher Transportation

In this world in which disease has now become a necessity for almost every individual, it’s natural to make numerous moves to the hospitals or clinics. Patients often find this task of moving daunting as they’re unable to move properly or even if they do so, it doesn’t come free of difficulties.

Non-Emergencystretcher transportation, during such times, comes in mind through which the patients can easily be shifted to their desired places- be it clinics, hospitals etc. without much difficulty. This service is really helpful for the patients as well as their families. During tough times, this service is called for and they live up to the expectations of the patients and their relatives too. Non-Emergency stretcher transportation is easy, effective and the patients will have no complaints from it. It’s for the use of the patients only and makes sure that they feel comfortable while being shifted.

Non-emergency medical transportation

The hospitals or the institutions providing this service take full responsibility for the safety of the patients and hence they hire skilled drivers who ensure the utmost care and safety of the patients. This service helps those patients who aren’t able to sit or walk properly. Hospitals have a special team specialized for this task and it is because of their hard work and efficiency that this service is well appreciated and accepted by all.

Non emergency medical transportation broker
Non emergency medical transportation broker

To call Non-Emergency stretcher transportation, helpline number like 866-220-3834 (Toll-Free) is provided by the websites of the hospitals which provide this facility. You have to take the number and just dial it when in need. This service is up for you and you only, patients! If you have to go to the hospital for emergency check-ups and you are unable to even move a bit, this service comes in handy. Helpful, quick and efficient as it is, it will never create a doubt in your mind and moreover will become your first choice in the case of moving the patients.

Friday, June 24, 2016

A Non-Emergency Medical Transport Brokers Takes Care of You!

A Non-Emergency Medical Transport Broker holds the responsibility of making the non-emergency medical transport services available to the beneficiaries. The clients contact the brokers to seek the facility of transportation for the purpose of health care and medical treatments and these brokers then communicate with the non-emergency medical transportation service providers and concerned organisations so as to make the recipients available on the inexpensive or free of cost facility of such transportation system.

The Non-Emergency Medical TransportBroker is basically in charge of making the service accessible to every person who seeks to have an adequate health care facility and timely treatment by providing them quick and safe one-way ride or round trips from their residence to healthcare centres in the most convenient way.

Non emergency medical transportation broker
Non emergency medical transportation broker

The Non-EmergencyMedical Transport Broker ensures various services to its beneficiaries depending on their needs by arranging stretchers, wheelchairs, ambulance services and even air ambulance transportation service. Extra expenditures spent on the trips to medical institutes can be effectively reduced and quality service is assured by the brokers.

The brokers aspire and target to reach the remotest areas and make the service available to those people who need them the most but are often denied of such provisions. The benefit can be easily availed by the recipients 24x7 throughout the year and the rides can be cancelled or postponed according to the convenience of the patients. In case there is an alteration in the timings of the appointments fixed with the doctor, the recipients can easily approach the broker with whom they scheduled the rides. It is the broker who takes control of the whole procedure from scheduling the rides, contacting the transportation service providers and dealing with the payments of the trips. In a nutshell, a Non-Emergency Medical TransportBroker acts as an interface between the beneficiaries and the transportation service providers.

Get Easy and Inexpensive Facility of Non-Emergency Medical Rides

Non-Emergency Medical Rides are basically services provided to the eligible beneficiaries for the purpose of their health care by offering them rides either free of cost or at nominal charges between their residence and health care centres they have been referred to. The purpose of the Non-Emergency Medical Rides is to aid the patients and other recipients who do not have adequate access to drive themselves to the concerned hospitals or medical institutes where they have fixed their appointments with the concerned doctors and specialists.

non emergency wheelchair  Transportation
The Non-Emergency Medical Ride Service equip the recipients with the ability to board a bus, van, even an aircraft or any other transport meant for public convenience and take them to medical institutes without even troubling them with the charges that each trip would have cost for seeking routine check-ups and medical appointments. If they have the required health plan, this service can also benefit them with the provision of meals and other lodging facilities in case the recipients are in need of staying at the healthcare centres overnight. This service proves beneficial especially when the patient is in need of having a guardian along with him or her depending on different cases.

The Non-Emergency Medical Rides aim to make the arrival of the patients and other beneficiaries at their respective medical centres convenient, less hectic and inexpensive.

Non emergency medical transportation broker
Non emergency medical transportation broker

The Non-Emergency Medical Rides are made possible with the help of Non-Emergency Medical Transports which can be easily informed of the appointments beforehand and can be availed of the services for their assistance by one call 866-220-3834. These transports even schedule trips when patients need to get to healthcare institutes for physiotherapies or dialysis sessions. This service has been initiated to reduce the costs spent on the charges of ambulance services and transportation of the patients.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Now, Non-emergency Medical Transportation Services at a swish!

It happens often that we hear of patients who die because of the unavailability of medical facilities or even because of the shortage of medical aid on time. In natural calamities like the 2013 North India Floods that caused the death of over 5,700 people including the local residents, helicopters were used to rescue people. Despite the rough terrain heavy fog and rainfall, airlifting of a total of 18,424 people and dropping/landing a total of 336,930 kg of relief material and equipment was made possible. It is hard to imagine an even worse condition without these facilities.

Non-emergency medical transportation
Non emergency medical transportation broker


Non-emergency medical transportation services help patients who are unable to travel conventionally due to medical situations to travel safely from one place to another. It also helps stable patients to travel by conventional means who are required to use Non-EmergencyMedical Transportation due to oxygen requirements, mobility issues and for ease and comfort.

For instance, a patient living in a remote area of Bihar immediately needs to see a specialist in Delhi. The journey is too long for the patient and a commercial flight may be too stressful and often unavailable so we provide an alternative means of transportation – the non-emergency medicaltransportation services or the NEMT.

Elderly citizens who have been prohibited from traveling due to critical conditions like recent by-pass surgeries or organ transplants want to see their family or suppose they have to be carried in some other hospital shortly due to medical emergencies but driving them is not an option. Here is when NEMT proves useful you just call their toll-free number like 866-220-3834.
In order to serve as many patients as we can, we see the availability of our aircraft and other means of transport sort them according to the need and budget of our clients. We also deliver on short notice emergencies and our clients rely on us due our service and hospitality. Our aircraft are equipped to handle all types of the medical condition or emergency with our highly-qualified medical team. We also provide a full medical bed to bed service.

NEMT- A Safer, Better Option
If you are looking for safety and reliability, we promise both of them at affordable prices. So give the gift of better health facilities to your family by taking NEMT as your agent in medical transportation.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Broker

The sole purpose of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is to help prevent all barriers that hinder medical assistance and makes access to the healthcare for transport of people living in underprivileged or unreachable areas. Health programs and insurance companies try hard to cut the cost of medical expenditures. In the past couple of years, many companies and people have taken up the brokerage model in order to control costs, improving the provided quality of servicing, and promoting even NEMT relief. With the ongoing healthcare development, any NEMT broker who is well acquainted with delivery improvements of healthcare helps people using any sort of medical help and patients are avoid visiting the emergency room to live a happier and healthier life.

Non emergency medical transportation broker
Non emergency medical transportation broker

                                     WHAT IS SPECIAL IN THIS SERVICE?

The question arises that why do you need to hire brokers for NEMT. The answer is straightforwardly simple discuss here.
1)    In today’s unbelievingly expensive world, every penny counts. What if we tell you can save about one-fourth of your money you usually spend on your medical transportation? It might sound crazy but yes, we can! With brokerage service, you can are able to save a lot and catch benefit of additional rides.

2)     Usually, people have to suffer for the lack of knowledge they have regarding possibilities. People who trust NEMT avoid these conflicts and save themselves from all the trouble. It is because brokers work as the neutral third party and they determine suitable modes of transportation to bargain rates with service providers.

3)    Authentic brokers have appropriate technology, mechanisms and skilled workers to sense and combat fraud and abuse. This saves you a lot of trouble you can face if you don’t use NEMT. This one of the point that leads to hire NEMT rides as compare to local rides.  

4)    Companies that specialize in NEMT brokers use systems that can handle millions of call logs for various clients. Moreover, its proficiency is real-time, precise data to guarantee timely provider payment.
Non-emergency medical transportation process

So now you know the advantages of NEMT, we think you are wise enough to choose this service over ordinary applications. DD Med Trans is a professional Non-emergency medical transportation broker in the USA. They provide best and special rides as per client’s need and requirement. Rides like wheelchair, stretcher, ambulance and air ambulance transportation throughout the United States. You can also call at 866-220-3834 (Toll-Free) number for the reservation the NEMT services.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation: The need of the time

With the growing concern of medical transportation in the recent times, the medical services are trying to cope with the addition of more enforcement to their strength. These are the unavoidable situations where patients need to be transferred from one hospital to the other. The most of such cases are reported in the countries like the United States and India.  The matter that critically complicates the situation is the continual need of medical equipment and resources that need to be maintained with more upscale efforts than emergencies.

Non-emergency medical transportation
Non-emergency medical transportation
Since the emergency cases require the ambulances to travel for shorter hours, any kind of deviant attributes can be confronted with more utilities. But in the case of Non -emergency transport that requires, long distances, the need of compliant and lasting resources are proving more needful. Though the services include the provision of Air Transport, the need of specialized systems just cannot be disrespected.

Non emergency medical transportation broker
Non emergency medical transportation broker
As with the recent times, there have been relentless efforts to deal with the medical care of such magnitude with specialized medical resources that could, in turn, be more productive in health care across the country. Unlike the developed countries like the United States, much of the countries in the world lack proper transport infrastructure that adds to the burden of existing reserves in the Medical Care. Though there are plans for developing a strategic implementation that includes more than one kind of Care and mode of transportation has caught up with many Hospitals. 

Non emergency medical transportation,
Non emergency medical transportation
Though, these cases are rare, with the proper strategic planning and implementation, the scope for non-emergency medical transportation is expected to be more precise in operation. With some of the experiments including  Phased transportation through the means of Air and Road transport are fast gaining success, there are indeed some clauses that need to be highlighted and reformed before the major transition begins in the Non- Emergency Medical transportation across the world