Monday, June 29, 2015

Local Medical Transportation Services: Now at Your front porch

The local medical transportation brokers in Arizona, USA, DD MED Trans, focus on some emblematic non- emergency services chiefly the ambulatory services, the dialysis transportation services, the Wheelchair Transportation Services and the non- emergency stretcher services. Other services include the commercial medical escorts and handicapped transportation services. 

Local Medical Transportation Services in Arizona

The Wheelchair transport services provided by the service provider network have been a great relief to various crippled and debilitated people across the United States. This non- emergency service is available cross throughout nation. People are now able to go to their doctors for their restorative checkups and avail the health care services, which was otherwise a difficult thing to do. Facilities of wheelchair ramps and lift vehicles are offered to the patients under the wheelchair transport services.

Under the ambulatory services ground ambulances and jetliners are provided. Both are very well equipped with ICU and CCU settings. Utmost care is taken while moving the patients. A team of professional doctors and care takers are always there with the patients inside the van.

Another service provided by the service providers is the dialysis transportation service. Kidney patients who are on dialysis are often too weak to walk or move on their own, and thus would require the assistance of a wheelchair. The services provided by DDMT are timely with the fundamental aim of reducing the stress and anxiety of the patient who is on dialysis. This service is a medical service which means that the patient would need medical attention during the service; therefore a team of medical professionals are present during the journey to the dialysis center.

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