Monday, June 29, 2015

What is medical Transportation? A brief explanation

Time and again we keep hearing about terms like non emergency transportation, medical transportation, medical escorts, etc. But what exactly do we mean by these terms?
Medical transportation means movement of people or medical stuff under medical supervision. 

non emergency transportation in Arizna, USA

DD Med Trans provides various medical transportation services, such as:

i.             The ambulatory service:
a.    The ambulances are well equipped.
b.    The ambulances are run by skilled and trained drivers.
c.    The ambulances are well customizes according to the needs of the clients.
d.    The drivers are supposed to take the patients to the desired places such as a doctor’s clinic.
e.    These services are non emergency ones; the patient might not need medical assistance.

ii.            The air ambulatory service:
a.    The commercial jetliners are customized and ICU CCU settings are done inside the aircrafts.
b.    The whole team is certified and dedicated towards its job.
c.    The team consists of the technical experts, the medical professionals and the ground staff who are ready to take charge ones the aircraft has landed.

Other services include the wheelchair transportation services, the stretcher transportation services, the dialysis transportation services, the handicap transportation services, the commercial medical escorts and transportation for Medicaid.

The Wheelchair transportation service, a non emergency patient transport service provided by this renowned team, aims at high quality service delivery. The team promises customer satisfaction. People with physical and mental disability can be taken to their respective doctors or therapy centers with much ease.

The stretcher service is for those who can’t sit upright due to various back conditions such as bed sores and back injuries.

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