Monday, May 30, 2016

Understanding non-emergency medical transportation better!

According to the reports and the analysis was done by the Transportation Research Board, a whooping number of over four million American elderly citizens get delayed or miss their non medical emergency care needs on time each year due to the fact that they are unable to reach the location.
Thus, the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, also known as NEMT was devised and offered to the citizens who are the recipients of Medicaid by the health insurance providers like the managed care organizations and the state agencies which are nothing but transportation benefit. Under NEFT, no elderly person misses the opportunity to meet their medical appointments due to transportation barriers and issues ever.
Non emergency medical ride
In the field of non-emergency medical transportation broker services, players are many but the DD Med Trans Inc, (DDMT) is the best among the lot who offer the transportation services all across the nation.

The key factors for choosing the DD med Trans, Inc for the non-emergency medical transportation services include the following points.

  1. The Services Offered: From the array of non-emergency medical transportation services offered by this company, the one’s they offer are the Wheelchair Transportation, Air ambulance Transportation, Ambulatory or Assisted Transportation, and Stretcher Transportation services.

  1. The easy accessibility: To get the benefit of the non medical emergency services offered by the DD Med Trans, Inc. , an elderly person need not work out too much and the same is easily accessed with the use of a phone where they can simply call on the companies’ toll free number to get instant services in a jiffy.
Non emergency medical transportation broker
Non emergency medical transportation broker

  1. The anytime anywhere services: Along with the fact that this non emergency medical broker company, DD Med Trans, Inc is absolutely professional and just on time with all the equipments ready, their 24*7 services which are open for their customers 7 days a week and 365 days a year is an added advantage for those who really require quick and effective services at the time of need.

If non medical emergency services in terms of transportation are given to the needy elderly patients and people all over the nation of America, chances are that they are missing out or getting late to an appointment would be a matter of the past.

With just a few click on your mobile or maybe a system, one can access and book the services of DD Med Trans, Inc. without any worries!

DD Med Trans helps senior to maintain their independence and mobility with the assistance of Non-Emergency medical rides like Air Ambulance, wheelchair and stretcher transportation in Arizona, USA.

Call us now at 866-220-3834 toll-free number for reserving transportation services.
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