Friday, June 26, 2015

Wheelchair Transport: Living made trouble-free in Scottsdale

DD Med Trans is a team of non emergency transportation service providers in the United States which is well known for its excellent services and world class hospitality. The team is equipped with trained professionals and personnel who know their jobs pretty well. The main aim of the staff members is to serve the people of their nation with the best medical transportation services.

Wheelchair Transport Services in Arizona

They provide various non emergency transportation services to the clients in the United States. Some of these services are:

a. The ground ambulatory services: these services are intended to help the crippled people who can’t move on their own. People can now go for their restorative checkups to their doctors without any inconvenience. The vans are run by trained drivers and are well equipped with medical professionals always present onboard.

b. The air ambulatory services: Air ambulatory services are intended to take people to long distances through commercial jetliners that are very well customized with ICU and CCU setting, medical professionals and technical folks. The jetliners are operated by experienced pilots so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your loved one or for yourself.

c. The stretcher service: Some people have medical conditions such as bed sores or back injuries. These conditions restrict them from sitting upright and thus they require a stretcher to move. DD Med Trans provides stretcher to such clients.

Another very emblematic transportation service provided by DD Med Trans is the Wheelchair Transport. Now people, who otherwise found it difficult to seek medical assistance because of their inability to move on their own, can easily go for routine checkups in a more apposite and convenient manner. Under the wheelchair transport services, facilities of wheelchair ramps and lift vehicles are offered to the individuals by DD Med Trans.
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