Thursday, June 18, 2015

Try the Medical Transportation Services by DD Med Trans

American Medical Transportation service providers, DD Med Trans, are very well known for their excellent care and hospitality. Their main objective is customer satisfaction and providing the clients with high quality services. The physically and mentally disabled people need sensitive care and friendly personnel to look after them and that is exactly what DD Med Trans provide. They provide various high quality medical transportation services such as ground ambulatory services that have been of great help to debilitated individuals. 

Medical Transportation Services by DD Med Trans Arizona

 Some special features of their services are:

  • The ambulances are well equipped and operated by skilled and trained drivers. These vans are well fitted in order to make sure that the clients are taken to their desired places such as a doctor’s clinic or a dialysis center, with utmost care and safety.
  • These high quality medical transportation providers provide another service, i.e., the air ambulatory transportation service that has a fundamental aim of smooth transition and even shifting. The commercial jetliners that are operated by highly qualified pilots are well quipped and well customized.
  • The non-medical wheelchair transportation services and the non- emergency stretcher transportation services are two other medical transportation services provided by this wonderful team of medical transport.
  • People who find it difficult to sit upright due to various back issues have been benefited by the stretcher transportation services. Other than these, dialysis transportation services are also provided. 
  • People with Chronic kidney failure often have difficulty in moving from place to place due to their medical condition which restricts their movement.
The American Medical transportation service provider network provides dialysis transportation services for taking the patients to and from the dialysis center.
Call us today at Toll-Free number 866-220-3834   to help us serve you our medical transportation services.

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