Sunday, June 21, 2015

Transportation Medical Services in Scottsdale: Professionalism Amplified

The transportation medical services provided by DD Med Trans are beyond comparable. With a fundamental aim of serving the society with the best of services, this Arizona based medical transportation service provider team never compromises with quality and excellence. Their services are especially meant for the handicapped and elderly. The physically and mentally disabled people need sensitive care and friendly personnel to look after them and that is exactly what DD Med Trans provide. They provide various high quality medical transportation services such as ground ambulatory services that have been of great help to debilitated individuals.

The transportation medical services provided by DD Med Trans are high in quality and available nationwide. These services are accessible to everyone 24 hours, 7 days a week for 365 days. The services include:

Ambulatory Services - The ambulatory services have been helping the debilitated since the beginning of the association. The ground ambulatory services take the clients for their restorative checkups, which was otherwise a far cry, considering their disabilities. The vans are well equipped with all the medical settings. Medical professionals are always present to take care of the client. The air ambulatory services are equally commendable. Patients can be taken to long distances with much ease and convenience. The jetliners are well fitted and run by professional technical folks and pilots.

Wheelchair Services - The wheelchair transportation medical services are intended to help the handicapped who can’t stand on their feet. Patients are taken to places like dialysis centre or an urgent blood transfusion on these wheelchairs. Thus this service is of a lot of help to the crippled.

Stretcher Services - The stretcher transportation medical services are intended to help those who can’t sit upright due to bed sores and injuries.

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