Monday, June 29, 2015

Transportation for Medicaid Patients: Even For the Uninsured

Transportation for Medicaid patients has made life easy for so many people across Arizona. Medicaid covers the cost of emergency medical transportation for the individuals who are eligible for this benefit. This benefit is the most helpful in case of medical emergencies. 

Transportation for Medicaid Patients in Arizona

A medical emergency is when you immediately need to address your medical needs. For instance, if you get a brain stroke or get terribly injured in a fire accident, it would be considered as a medical emergency. In such cases, you would require immediate ambulatory rides. Medicaid covers non-emergency medical transportation. Examples include going for a restorative schedules appointment, dialysis center, or picking up prescriptions from the drug store.

Transportation for Medicaid patients provided by one of the best medical transport service provider teams, DD Med Trans, has benefitted so many people across the United States. Their superlative medical hospitality and care provided to the patients and the various services delivered are extremely appreciable. People, especially the elderly ones and those who are injured, can now move from place to place with so much ease, despite their disability. The service providers promise smooth transition and never compromise with customer satisfaction.

The various transportation services for the Medicaid patients provided by DD Med Trans are:
1. The Ambulatory services (ground- the ambulances are well quipped and run by experienced drivers who are supposed to take the clients to places such as a doctor’s clinic or a dialysis centre.)
2. The Ambulatory services (air- the commercial jetliners are customized according to the needs of the patients and flown by expert technicians)
3. The wheelchair services- (for those who are handicapped and can’t move on their own)
4. The stretcher services- (for those who can’t sit upright)

So without hesitation, call us now at 866-220-3834 to help us serve you our medical transportation services.

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