Thursday, June 18, 2015

Non-Emergency Transportation Network for disabled people in Arizona

The Arizona based non-emergency medical transportation business association, DD MED Trans, focuses on some very typical non-emergency services. These include non-emergency ground ambulance transportation services, the air ambulatory services, the wheelchair Transportation Services and the non- emergency stretcher services. 

These services are intended to help crippled and handicapped people. This non-emergency transportation business has helped millions across the country as the services are available nationwide, 24 hours, 7 days a week. With the help of these services, people are now able to go to their doctors for their regular checkups and avail the health care services, which was otherwise a far cry. 

These services, provided by this esteemed team of the American non-emergency transportation business, are non-emergency ones, implying that the patient might not need medical assessment at the time of the services. Facilities of wheelchair ramps and lift vehicles are offered to the patients under the wheelchair transport services. Trained professionals are appointed to take care of the patients and maximum care is taken during these non-emergency medical transport services. The ambulatory services too are self sufficient. The vans are fully equipped and run by trained professionals.

The non-emergency transportation business provides another non–emergency medical transport service, non–emergency stretcher transportation, which again has helped millions. These services are very helpful to those who find it difficult to sit upright or can’t sit at all due to some medical issues. The dialysis transport services are also provided by DD Med Trans for people with chronic kidney failure. Try these services and experience the world class hospitality.

Without much ado, call us today at 866-220-3834  to help us serve you our medical transportation services.

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