Thursday, June 18, 2015

Non Emergency Stretcher Transport for the Disabled

The medical transportation brokers in Arizona USA, DD Med Trans, provide quality medical transportation services across the nation. Our fundamental aim is to maximize customer satisfaction and minimize inconvenience to the customers. Our services providers never compromise with the quality of their service. We basically focus on a very distinctive non-emergency service, namely the non-emergency stretcher transport service

Other services include:-
  • Non- emergency ambulatory services
  • Dialysis transportation
  • Wheelchair services
  • Air ambulance services
  • Handicapped transportation services.
These services are intended to help people with physical or mental disability. The non–emergency stretcher transportation provided by our team has helped millions. Often a wheelchair is not very much helpful when a patient has problems with sitting due to some back conditions or issues like bed sore and injuries. This service is very helpful to those who find it difficult to sit upright or can’t sit at all due to such issues. 
The non–emergency stretcher transport service is available nation-wide. This service ensures quick and effective transportation of the patient to places like a doctor’s clinic or a chemotherapy centre. This service is a non-emergency one, which means that the patient might not need medical assessment at the time of service. Well trained and properly skilled professionals are appointed to look after the patients and utmost care is taken during the transport service.

These professional services are elite in class. The friendly attitudes of the professionals will leave mesmerized and fully satisfied.
So without much thought, call us today at 866-220-3834 so that we can serve you with our services and make you experience the best we have.

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