Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Non Emergency Medical Transportation: An Endowment for the people of the US

DD Med Trans service network, a renowned name in the medical transportation industry, is known for the various non emergency medical transportation services it provides. These services have proven to be a boon to so many people across Arizona who are crippled and can’t move without someone else’s assistance. Other people who miss their appointments due to factors like old age, low income or conveyance issues are also benefited by these non emergency services.

Non Emergency Medical Transportation in Arizona, USA

It has now become very convenient for the incapacitated people to visit places such as a supermarket or a doctor’s clinic. DD Med Trans provides many conventional non emergency medical transportation services such as:

The Ambulatory services includes:-
·        The ground and air ambulance transportation services:-
The vans are well equipped and the drivers are trained to perfection so as to ensure the safety and well being of the clients. The air ambulatory services are also exceptionally good. The jetliners are well equipped. Medical professionals and technical experts are always present. The jetliners are flown by professional pilots to ensure the safety of the client.

·        The Wheelchair Transportation Services
Wheelchair is another non emergency patient transport service provided by this renowned team, which aims at high quality and customer satisfaction. People with physical and mental disability can be taken to their respective doctors or therapy centers with much ease.

·        The Stretcher Transportation Services
People, who have back issues such as bed sores and back injuries, often find it difficult to sit upright. Such people are benefited by the medical non emergency stretcher transportation services.

So call us right away at this toll free number 866-220-3834 transportation medical appointments and let us serve you with the best medical transportation services in the nation.

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