Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Medical Transportation Broker in Arizona: DD Med Trans

DD Med Trans, a team of medical transportation brokers in Arizona, is known for its exceptional and beyond commendable non emergency medical transportation services throughout the United States. The team consists of professional personnel and dedicated staff. The staff members know their jobs very well and their fundamental aim is to satisfy their customer and make them feel comfortable and secured. 

Medical Transportation Broker in Arizona, USA

The team of DD Med Trans knows exactly how to look after their clientele and that is the reason why they are so much known across the nation. Their services are available 24x7 and are easily accessible nationwide. You are just a call away from experiencing world class care and hospitality.

These medical transportation brokers in Arizona provide the following non emergency transportation services:

>The Ambulatory services: The ambulatory services consist of the ground ambulance and air ambulance transportation services. The clients are taken to the desired places, like a doctor’s clinic or a get together, by skilled and experienced drivers. The air ambulatory services are also exceptionally good. The jetliners are well equipped. Medical professionals and technical experts are always present. The jetliners are flown by professional pilots to ensure the safety of the client.

>The wheelchair and the stretcher transportation services: The Wheelchair transport services have helped people, who can’t move on their own, to carry on with their routine checkups and therapies. This service is a non- emergency one, which means that the patient might not need medical assessment at the time of the service. Facilities of wheelchair ramps and lift vehicles are offered to the patients under the wheelchair transport services. People who find it difficult to sit upright due to various back issues have been benefited by the stretcher transportation services.

So call us right away at this toll free number 866-220-3834  and let us serve you with the best medical transportation services in the nation.

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