Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hospital Transportation Services: Experience the panache

The hospital transportation services provided by DD Med Trans have made life easy for so many people across Arizona. Now people can go to their desired places, such as supermarket or a doctor’s clinic, with much ease and convenience. Bed to bed transition and even shifting are done with great proficiency and professionalism. 

Hospital Transportation Services in Arizona

The American Medical Transportation service providers, DD Med Trans, are very well known for their excellent care and hospitality. Their fundamental aim is customer satisfaction and providing the clients with high quality services. The following are the various non emergency hospital transportation services provided by DD Med Trans:-

  • Ground Ambulatory Transportation Service
  • Air Ambulatory Transportation Service
  • Non emergency wheelchair transportation service
  • Non emergency stretcher transportation service

Dialysis transport services also come under the hospital transportation services. People with chronic kidney failure are too frail to commute on their own. Such people need medical support to go to their dialysis centers to carry on with the life supporting procedure. 

The ambulatory transportation services have been helping the incapacitated since the beginning of DD Med Trans. The vans are well equipped with all the facilities that might be required during the transportation. The air ambulatory transportation service has a fundamental aim of smooth transition and even shifting. The commercial jetliners that are operated by highly qualified pilots are well quipped and well customized. The wheelchair hospital transportation services are meant for the handicapped, who can’t move without someone else’s assistance. People who can’t sit upright due to conditions like bed sores and slip disc, they are helped by the non emergency stretcher transportation service. 

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