Monday, June 22, 2015

Exceptional Medical Transportation: Now In The United States

Here’s some good news for the people of the United States. DD Med Trans, a non emergency transportation provider network, which is providing some very exceptional medical transportation services. Their services are beyond commendable and have proven to be of great help to millions across the United States. These exceptional medical transportation services are available twenty four hours, seven days a week for the whole year. 

Exceptional Medical Transportation in Arizona USA

The list of non emergency medical transportation services provided by DD Med Trans includes, the ground ambulance transportation service, the air ambulatory service, the wheelchair transportation service, the non emergency stretcher transportation service, the dialysis transportation service, handicap transportation service and commercial medical escorts. 

American Medical Transportation service providers, DD Med Trans, are very well known for their excellent care and hospitality. Their main objective is customer satisfaction and providing the clients with high quality services. The physically and mentally disabled people need sensitive care and friendly personnel to look after them and that is exactly what DD Med Trans provide. They provide various exceptional transportation services that have been of great help to debilitated individuals.

The ambulatory services are intended to help those who can’t walk or move without someone else’s help which keeps them from going for their scheduled appointments with their doctors. With the help of these well equipped ambulances, debilitated and crippled people can now go for their restorative checkups. The air ambulatory services are also available where the ambulances are well equipped and flown by professional pilots.

Wheelchair is another non emergency patient transport service provided by this renowned team, which aims at high quality and customer satisfaction. People with physical and mental disability can be taken to their respective doctors or therapy centers with much ease.

Call us now today at 866-220-3834  to help us serve you our medical transportation services.

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